Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should We Use Jolly Quill?

We know there are lots of different companies that provide the same kind of service that we do. Just about anybody can stick a logo on a tee shirt and call it a store. However, you probably think your camp is unique and not like most summer camps and therefore deserves something more.

At Jolly Quill we believe that camps sell experiences and memories, and the emotional high of going to camp drives sales. This experience, along with the products you carry in your store, will remind your campers of their summer adventures when they go home and will serve to keep your camp on the minds of your attendees year-round. Providing a convenient source to purchase your branded memorabilia allows you to capitalize on these memories, which not only drives future camp sessions, but comes with a revenue sharing program that will help your camp’s financial position.

We believe we’re different at Jolly Quill. Our shipping policy is “Fun in Every Box,” whether that’s a surprise we threw in on the way out the door, or maybe just an extra something that your campers might like.  We will work with your team to create an online store that combines a superior customer service attitude with unique products that your camper families will love to order.

Combine that with a very flexible returns and exchange policy that delivers your branded product to your customers, lets you make money on a service you need but were struggling to deliver, and no hassle.

So call us today. Let’s talk about what your branded online store with Jolly Quill might look like. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

What Should We Sell?

Deciding what to sell so that the  inventory reflects your program is fundamental. We work with you to understand what makes your camp unique and then incorporate that in the products we select.

If you have preferred products, or a master inventory from previous years, we’ll use that as a starting point. If not, we use our experience to select a custom list of products.

We will ask you to share with us projected attendance, duration of the programs, and any applicable sales history for us to consider. We’ll use this information to determine the total number of products included in your store.

While our team has many years of working and attending various camps and will make excellent suggestions, we know that you do, too; and will have the final approval of the products you choose to carry.

Will Your Products Carry Our Brand?

Yes! We will work with your team to obtain hi-resolution images of all your logo’s and pictures to customize your store and your products. This will include various branded items, including clothing, water bottles, puzzles, and stickers.

Do We Have to Stock Inventory?

No, the good thing about hosting a Campstore with Jolly Quill is that you do not have to stock inventory unless you want to.

We realize you purchase a certain amount of tee-shirts and other products to give to campers as part of their registration fees, and we request you purchase those items through us at competitive prices. This additional volume allows us to demand better pricing from our vendors, which results in lower costs to you and your campers.

We're Short-Staffed. How Much Effort is this Going to Take?

At Jolly Quill we recognize the camping industry is on the brink of a crisis. Many camps are short-staffed and doing whatever they can to make this next camp season happen.

We want to give you one less item to plan for and worry about during the program season. By the time camp starts, your work will be done. The most time-consuming aspect of our service on your end will be helping us to market the store. The rest of the planning, purchasing, and backend work is on us.

Can We Make Money with a Jolly Quill Online Store?

Our cost structure is simple: design, implementation, and hosting of your store is free. Because we need you to help us market your store, you will receive 12% of all merchandise sold online, not including any taxes, or shipping & handling. 

A minimum retail price for all goods will be set by Jolly Quill, which accounts for the manufacturers or wholesale price, shipping, and mark-up.

Getting Started

 One of our first tasks will be to schedule a kickoff meeting to get to know you and your team, understand what makes your camp unique, and how we can best work together. This will normally take about an hour, with some email Q&A after to make sure we are all on the same page.

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